• 302018-11 Wood Board Joining Machine Exporter
    Wood board joining machine adopts shaped dovetail milling cutter to finish processing at one time, and adopts butterfly connecting block to connect the workpiece of 0-90 degrees.
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  • 262018-11 RF Wood Dry Machine Factory
    RF wood dry machine is a new equipment to dry wood with feature of uniform and fast heating and can keep the natural color of wood. At the same time it is at vacuum low temperature condition.
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  • 222018-11 Buy High Frequency Generator China
    High frequency generator is also called high frequency machine, high frequency heating machine. It is the central equipment of high frequency machinery.
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  • 212018-11 HF Wood Bending Hot Press Machine
      Another high frequency wood bending hot press machine is being producing and will exported to Korea. As we can see, the components and parts are imported famous brand, French Schneider.
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  • 142018-11 Indian Customer Came To Visit Us -2018.09.28
    They were interested in HF board jointing machine and our engineer showed them the machine and its working principle. And they know about our quality and advantages.
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