• 152019-04 wood dry machine
    Since the beginning of this century, China’s timber supply has undergone major structural changes, as shown by the fact that the proportion of industrial fast-growing timber has gradually increased;
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  • 102019-04 Learn the basics of wood drying
    Wood drying refers to the process of relying on the energy provided by the outside world to turn the water in the wood into steam and discharge the wood. The drying of wood can be divided into two categories: natural drying and manual drying.we are provid
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  • 102019-04 What is the premise of safe use of the dryer?
    The dryer is a drying machine that can dry a variety of materials and is simple and reliable to operate. Because the dryer is reliable in operation, strong in adaptability and large in processing capacity, it is widely used in metallurgy,
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  • 022019-04 Vacuum drying of wood is an important part of ensuring the quality of solid wood flooring
    Wood vacuum drying equipment is an important equipment commonly used in solid wood flooring. Generally, dry hard broad-leaved wood materials, medium and high-grade solid wood flooring are mainly made of high quality imported materials.
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  • 022019-04 Factors affecting wood drying equipment
    Nowadays, the domestic wood drying equipment has explored the development path that suits oneself, and has begun to take its own path in the market, contributing more development efforts and space in the market, and promoting the whole industry under the
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