• 212019-01 Buy HF Wood Dry Machine
    high-frequency dielectric heating equipment, to the highest quality products and the best service dedicated to users.we are provide HF wood dry machine,you can know it.
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  • 212019-01 High frequency drying effect analysis
    The biggest advantage of high-frequency drying is the penetration heating of the board, the drying of the wood inside and outside, and the high frequency is also destined to have a unique advantage for the drying of mahogany and hardwood wood.
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  • 152019-01 The jigsaw process makes the wood more stable
    How many times before the wood becomes furniture, the knife and axe are cut, and even the bones are broken. It is necessary to preserve the beauty of the wood. It is necessary to remove .
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  • 152019-01 The influencing factors of wood for natural drying
    There are many influence factors of wood with natural drying and usually can be divided into the following three aspects:We are provide HF vacuum wood drying machine and HF board jointing machine、HF Bentwood Press Machine、HF( RF) Generator,you can buy it.
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  • 072019-01 HF Wood Dry Machine Manufacturer
    Wood drying is very important link during woodworking process. If you want get quality dried lumber, to learn some knowledge about the wood water is necessary.we are provide HF board jointing machine,you can buy it.
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