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  •  HF Vacuum Wood Dryer
  •  HF Vacuum Wood Dryer
  •  HF Vacuum Wood Dryer
  •  HF Vacuum Wood Dryer
  •  HF Vacuum Wood Dryer
  •  HF Vacuum Wood Dryer
  •  HF Vacuum Wood Dryer

HF Vacuum Wood Dryer

Brand Name:DT
Place of Origin:China
Minimum Order Quantity:1


HF vacuum wood dryer is a new equipment to dry wood with feature of uniform and fast heating and can keep the natural color of wood. At the same time it is at vacuum low temperature condition. It is very suitable for rosewood, hard wood, thick wood and veneer and large section square timber. Also suitable for usual precious timer such as padauk, panga-panga and rosewood. And it is suitable for the redrying of small batch, urgent damp wood.

The high frequency vacuum drying equipment is the perfect combination of high frequency heating and vacuum dewatering.


 Product Features

▲ PLC and touch screen program automatic control, all the parameter is easy to understand.

▲  Optical fiber to measure temperature, avoiding the interference of high frequency heating process. The way of precision measurement and control further guarantees the quality of drying.

▲ The dryer is equipped the hydraulic system on the top, so the timber is uniformly dried under press without deformation.

▲ Use weighing measurement method to Humidity test the humidity, PLC control the moisture content according to the weight of wood. Avoiding the influence from HF. More precise and automatic.

▲  The anticorrosion treatment ensures no rust.

▲ Automatic feeding, labor-saving and time-saving.

The electrical components are all imported or domestic top accessories, such as Omron, Siemens, Eaton, etc. All of the hydraulic components are Taiwan's original. It adopts PLC and touch screen, simplifying the control process and operation. The program design is diverse and widely used.


If you have any question about the high frequency vacuum drying equipment ,please call us, we will provide full range service for you. And the HF vacuum dryer can be customized according to your requirement.


Loading Capacity3cbm
Power SupplyAC 380V, 50Hz, 3 phases or custom made
HF Power20kw20kw30kw50kw50kw80kw
HF Frequency6.78MHz
Drying Temperatures50 to 90 ℃
Temperature Control2 pcs of optical fiber sensors
Vacuum Pressureup to -0.092MPa
ControlPLC, HMI Screen; auto shut down after drying finishing

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